Yes, the gates that you may have in your home. I’m not talking about the billionaire who is a proponent of vaccines or the logic gates. I’m talking about the purest form of it (perhaps). I’ve experienced a variety of gate encounters. Bijapur had the most noteworthy ones. For some reason, all of the houses in the neighbourhood had dreadful gates. The ones that could … Continue reading Gates

Knowledge pushes you in greater darkness.

It was 2008 Olympics and the excitement in our school was on steroids. Our school used to host inter house athletic competitions and the whole school used to look upto these athletes for inspirations , celebration gestures and nicknames. Once, a friend who shall remain anonymous said that he can run 100m in 10 seconds. The world record holder Usain Bolt had bagged gold with … Continue reading Knowledge pushes you in greater darkness.

The first international flight

There will be never another first. My first international flight destination was Switzerland. All the 90’s Bollywood movies had made overly enthusiastic for my first trip to Swiss. The confusion had started much before I could fly. I was getting my visa done, but there was a small twist, though my visit was to a small city in France the nearest international airport was the … Continue reading The first international flight

When Vikram Sarabhai worked from home.

These are crazy times to say the least. All your immaculately planned projects are thwarted. If you feel frustrated here is something to inspire you : It was Sept 1939 and the war had broken out in Europe. Ambalal Sarabhai was worried and insisted his brothers to return home immediately. Somehow, months into the war Vikram Sarabhai returned to India. He was however worried about his … Continue reading When Vikram Sarabhai worked from home.