The fabled gate , albeit it was constructed in later years of my school stay

Yes, the gates that you may have in your home. I’m not talking about the billionaire who is a proponent of vaccines or the logic gates. I’m talking about the purest form of it (perhaps). I’ve experienced a variety of gate encounters. Bijapur had the most noteworthy ones. For some reason, all of the houses in the neighbourhood had dreadful gates. The ones that could only swivel in one direction due to poor planning, and the ones that couldn’t be locked together. “Don’t worry about the gate, I’ll close it,” the owner would always say as we were separated. I swear, I was so stupid that I assumed it was his brilliance because no one would purposefully construct such a terrible gate.

I thought it was his way of knowing if there was an intruder. On the other hand, Sainik School, being a boarding school, the gate had its own charm. For the outsiders, it was a charming one, while the other children looked at it as a restraining one. This could be perhaps the first non-living entity that many might have grown up hating. The evil gate that separated us from our parents, the gate that curtailed our freedom, the gate stood like an authority whose unauthorised breach would mean a lot of trouble. And as if one gate wasn’t enough, we had a second gate. This gate was more infamous, for it was the gate of cum slang, which meant we would jump out of the campus. If someone was speaking of a “second gate,” the ears of our walls would activate, and the one who shouldn’t have been privy to these conversations would eventually know. It was slang, for sure, and cadets are smart. We used to say “second gate,” but we never used it to jump out of the campus. We were always using… no way in hell am I revealing it.I know that, like all forts have a secret tunnel , our 600 acre campus had many. No gentrification could curb it. I am in solidarity with all of those who are inside right now, and I am not going to reveal the groundworks of the secretly passed best known methods (BKMs) of a jump out. The same gates, after years, would rush to my memories now that I don’t live within them. I was a “localite” and was famous for jumping out. I have an outstanding record of not getting caught, except for a small brush, but nothing officially to prove that a similar awful haircut guy, soon after dinner on a Sunday night, was seen beside the campus wall, right? I mean, haven’t you even heard of a doppelgänger? This isn’t even hard because gates aren’t just one way. In fact, the most difficult part was getting in, and yes, I am not going to tell you that either

Maybe this is why I am always annoyed by bad gate designs. Deep in my subconscious mind, maybe I hate gates, but I don’t honestly hate them now that they are the gates that keep my precious memories intact. I honestly feel that we planned on installing gates at the end, and maybe it’s smart, but god it’s annoying. Some of the houses I have visited reminded me of the cryptics from the “Da Vinci Code” novel, or maybe it’s a talent that the designer doesn’t know he has. In either case, it’s undeniably awful and it makes a fool out of you for sure. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and they see you struggling to open a simple door. I am sure those who dwell think, “Why is he struggling?” I do it all the time. It’s not a big hassle. I mean, it only took me years of muscle memory to knock it in a certain way, hear a particular clang at the right frequency, and swivel the damn thing open. Why is he struggling? ” I totally understand why Steve Jobs spent a fortune on his entrance door. I am not sure what’s more awkward, that or the awful projectors you have to deal with every new venue you go to give a presentation. To be honest, it’s difficult to choose.

It is said that Siddharta Gautam was also annoyed by his palace gates, as the time passed his curiosity also grew stronger , he eventually ventured out and saw the famous four sights and realised that inspite of immense wealth and power, one cannot escape the inevitable, and “jumped” the gate and followed the path of enlightenment and became Buddha. Like him the world beyond the school gates made me wise. So, if you condescend me for having such a deep though on gates , I would smile and think that I am in a great company. Indeed, I am not a Buddha yet, so I can be rightfully bothered and look for some validation. I am glad I have a great one.

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